Thursday, November 13, 2008

Did Anyone Else????

Did anyone else see Grey's Anatomy tonight??? Oh my. So I am royally ticked off that they ended it where they did and I am royally ticked off that there are 7 more days until the next episode. The whole thing with Denny and Izzy??? I cried enough about all of that already! I'm just wondering where they will go with all of that. Who am I kidding, I don't care where they're going with it, THE SHOW ROCKS!!!!!

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Queen M said...

I have been waivering on the show. I HATED, I mean HATED the story line when Izzy slept with George and broke up the marriage. I actually turned off the tv and vowed to not watch it again a few weeks ago when Cali and the other girl kissed and decided to go all the way. Made me sick in the stomache. I sucombed though and watched them all online. I hate that I am addicted to something that portrays things I don't agree with as normal.

Oh, and I havn't watched last nights episode. I am on the fence about continuing to watch.