Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Claire Bear!

Claire turned 5 years old yesterday! Ivan woke us all up very early as usual and she opened her present. I had spent the evening before putting her bike together and getting the presentation just right. She was so funny because while she liked the bike, she loved the Posh Puppy we got her even more. She went to school and when she came home she was running a fever. She spent much of the afternoon sick on the couch but perked up just in time to go with the family to Chuck-E-Cheese, a choice inspired by Maddyson Feith. Motrin does wonders because from the pictures you would never know that she was sick. On the way home from the restaurant she began to complain that she was cold again and I knew that her fever was back. She came home and fell asleep promptly on the couch. She had a good day though. Now all three kids are sick. I was hoping that by living in a very warm climate this winter, we would avoid the colds and strep throat but I think it has found us.

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