Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What Next???

I swear it feels like we are doomed. It is just one thing after another around here. Ivan went to play at a friends house today and was bit by their dog. This is a friend that has played at our house several times but Ivan has never played over there. They are in our ward and they are very nice people. The mom brought Ivan home after she had cleaned him up and said that she had gone to the bathroom and the dog had bit him. She said that his hands and face had been covered in blood but she cleaned him up. I was not too worried about it because the cuts are small but then Matt reminded me about rabies. I had to confront the neighbors about proof of the rabies vaccination and luckily they had it. I swear it just never ends. I am glad Matt said something because I didn't even think of that and I would have just let it go. Man, I'm mother of the year aren't I???

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Lynnette said... are an amazing mother! Don't doubt yourself. Parenting is a learning process for all of us!