Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's the Secret...

All day my kids claim to be starving. I limit snacks because we simply cannot afford to buy as many snacks as they would eat. I make dinner and suddenly it's like they are completely full. 10 minutes after not eating their meal they are starving again. I swear I'm going to stop making meals and just buy crackers and water. Today has been an extremely hard day with the kids. Some days are just so much harder than others. Right off the bat, Claire threw such a fit that she wasnt' allowed to play with friends for the rest of the day. I hate that because it means that the rest of us miss out on going to the park or wherever but it's the only way. She really needed a nap but that child hasn't really napped since 6 months old. Ivan is just so full of energy that watching him makes me tired. We took a long nap this afternoon while Claire did her own thing. She seems to like to have the time to herself and she really is good, she never gets into stuff. We went out to ride bikes and swing on the new swings that Grandpa built but the whole time I was wanting to lay down wherever we went. I am just sooo tired. I am off of my medication for Fibromyalgia because switching doctors has left a gap between checkups. I didn't realize what a difference the medication made. It helped my function and now I just feel like laying in bed all of the time. It will be nice for Claire to start school again so that we can get back into a routine and get out of this funk. Well, gotta go bathe kids, Nora is covered in Potato's.

The dynamic duo. Ivan chokes down broccoli and Claire tells him "I'll eat it, it's healthy!" (She didn't get that from me!)

Above Nora has poored her water on her food...yum

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