Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Friggin' Car Accident

Can I just say that somewhere, somehow I have wronged the powers that be. I was headed to Mesa today to the DI. I was following my neighbor and what do you know, the car in front of her slammed on it's breaks. She tried to get out of my way but it was impossible so I hit her and she hit the other guy. Of course it was my fault because I was in the very back. I was so pissed! Luckily there was no damage to our car or hers. The guy in the front had very minimal damage to his rear bumper. He was such a tool though. He was fine until the cop got there and then he said he had a little lower back pain. The cop laughed. That's right, he laughed and said that there was no way that the guys back pain could be caused by this accident. We were going all of 10 miles per hour. I will tell you what. I have been in two accidents since coming here and while I will admit that I am a crappy driver, AZ drivers are crazy!!!!
Good news was that I still got to the DI and they had a Hoover Floor Mate for $25! I have wanted one for about 2 years now and there it was. It works awesome! It is going to save my back. I have tons of tile in my house and it about kills me to mop it all! Tomorrow I am working another Scentsy party and I am so excited! This seems to be really picking up for me.
Another good thing that happened was, when I was talking to my visiting teacher she told me that she is so glad that we hung out the other day and that she already feels like we are good friends! It made me feel so good because I felt the same way. She is really awesome and our kids get along great. It is finally starting to feel a little bit like home here.

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