Saturday, February 7, 2009

Great Times, Good Friends

So tonight we were originally supposed to go to a movie with a friend and her roommate but for lack of babysitter we made other plans. We went to a friends house from our ward and had such a great time. She is actually my visiting teacher but we have become instant friends. It's weird, it's really comfortable, like we've known each other for a while. Her husband is so much like Matt it's scary but it's great because we can all hang out and have a great time. She also told me tonight that she has been looking for a new babysitter and I told her I had been looking for some kids to watch! So naturally we came to the agreement that I would be her new babysitter. This will work out very well because the first week that we were at church Claire fell in love with her daughter Abigail. Claire kept asking if Abby could come to the hotel to play. It wasn't even until I met Amelia (her mother) that I realized she was the mother that we were looking for! I am so grateful for the church and for visiting teaching so that I can have good friends wherever we live.

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