Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Home Improvements Gone Horribly Wrong

Yesterday we tried to install a Doggie Door for BUG. It's going to start getting very hot here soon and so we can't leave her outside when we are gone. We bought the easy kind that you install in your sliding glass door. All went well until we started to install the safety lock. As Matt was drilling a hole in the frame to install it he dropped the drill and it hit the stationary door. Luckily it only shattered one pane and it's a two paned window but now we know where the rest of our tax return is going. We were so frustrated but I am proud of us because neither of us got mad at each other, we just said "it happens and oh well." and moved on. That is very different from what I would have seen growing up and I am proud that we handled it so well. I love my husband even if he isn't a handy man.

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