Saturday, February 14, 2009

We Did It!

It was so hard and so stressful but we pulled off one heck of a Valentines dance last night at the ward! I was in charge of cooking Spaghetti for 120 people and believe me as easy as spaghetti is, that was a hard task. Matt and I were finally able to display our "gun and handcuff" pictures that were supposed to be at our wedding but mysteriously "disappeared" and then reappeared after the honeymoon. Well, here they were a hit. People kept coming to the kitchen to find us and tell us how awesome and creative they were. At least some people can take a joke! It meant a lot to be able to do that because Matt was so upset when they went missing at our wedding. I guess there is always a time to make up for things. Anyway, I had so much fun meeting new people and dancing with my husband. We were able to sit with some of our most awesome friends that we have made out here and laughed and had a great time. Today we went with them to the park and had KFC for lunch. Matt and Johnny have a lot in common and get along so well, and Amelia and I laugh like crazy, she already feels like one of my greatest friends. I am so thankful for Visiting Teaching, that is what put them in our path, we would still be lonely without them! For our Valentines evening we bought the second season of "Big Love" and got the kids "Space Buddies." We are going to sit down and just enjoy one another. It has been a good couple of days.


Queen M said...

It looks like a really great evening. I am SO, SO happy that you have found some friends and life is getting better! Love you guys.

Ortiz Family said...

I feel just the same about you Aubrey! I'm glad that we have become such BFF's already, we were supposed to meet! You did a fantastic job for the Dance it was great. I love your blogging, you'll have to help me so that I can be more creative like you( when I have the time)!

Lynnette said...

I'm glad you had a good time!