Friday, March 6, 2009


well, baby number four was apparently not ready to join our family. last night I started spotting. I called the doctor and he said if it continued to go to the ER. At 4am this morning I woke up with a lot of bleeding and cramping. We went to the hospital and the baby is gone. I was so early on that there was nothing really to see in my uterus. This isn't the first time I have miscarried and so it's not quite as big of a shock but it still sucks a lot. The kids are disappointed but that's life. I'm just mad tha my husband couldn't take the day off.


Queen M said...

Oh man, I am so sorry. Wish I could give you a big hug.

PetersonFam4 said...

I am so sorry. That sucks! Hang in there and let me know if you need anything.

Lynnette said...

Aubrey, I'm so sorry. A Loss is always hard. If you need me you know I'm here. I love you cousin!