Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dancing Fools!

All of my kids have loved to dance. It came to our attention very early on that Nora loved it and has great rythm. Here we are at home listening to our new ABBA album courtesy of Aunt Noelle. Nora broke it down as soon as the music started!

I love being home with them so that I can catch these moments. Being a stay at home mom has been challenging for me because I am not the most patient person. Having all of my children so close together has been a blessing and a curse. They fight all of the time but I know that they will be very close as they grow older. Yesterday Ivan told me that I was the best mom and that I was his best friend all because I bought him bubbles! I asked Claire the other night if I was a mean mom or if she thought I was okay. She said "I think you do a great job mom!" It meant a lot to me. I have awesome kids!

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Stephanie said...

what a cute video, your kids are so adorable! i miss them so much and can't wait until i can come back to visit. hope all continues to go well for you guys. take care.