Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today is a good day. I found out last night (by reading Stephenie Meyer's blog: The author of the Twilight series) that she is indeed going to finish Midnight Sun which is Twilight from Edwards point of view! It is her next project even though she had initially said because it was leaked on the internet it was postponed indefinately. She also had a link to the first part of the manuscript and so I have been reading non-stop since last night. I must say I am in a better mood today because of it!

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PetersonFam4 said...

Yes, but WHEN is she going to finish it??? She said in an interview she wont finish it for a few years... like 2 or 3! She said until she doesn't hear people talking about it anymore, she wont even work on it. I understand her being upset from the leak but, I want that book soooo bad! I enjoyed reading it more than Twilight!