Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun yet Productive Day!

Today was our big yard sale. I must say it would have been a bust without Craig's List. It was slow to start but people came. We were able to meet our neighbors who generously bought a book shelf, a weed whacker and some movies from us. I took my laptop outside and started posting things on Craig's List and I was getting responses within minutes. I managed to sell a Freezer, a travel crib, and elyptical machine all online. Everything was picked up today except the elyptical which has special arrangements. We made a good amount of money to pay down debt. We still have a lot of stuff left and so we are going to have another garage sale next Saturday but start earlier and this time I will put on sunscreen, I got fried. The thing that I thought was amazing is, we had literally no traffic first thing this morning for the yard sale. I had gone to so much work in 3 days to pull this thing together and I was exhausted. My friend and I were sitting outside, she was listening to music and I was praying quietly and discreetly in my head for the Lord to send people our way. We are trying to do what the prophet has advised and get out of debt and so I figured it was an okay thing to pray for. I finished praying and within minutes we had 2 people stop and although it was very hot outside we had slow but steady customers from then on. Our friend Brian asked if I really thought God would listen to a prayer about a yard sale when there was bigger things going on in the world. He said God can be most everywhere but not everywhere all the time. I know he was kidding but I know that God heard my prayer. We are in what feels like a very desperate situation and we are striving so hard to follow the counsel of the Lord and the Prophet. I believe as long as we continue to do this the Lord will answer our prayers, even if they are just about yard sales.

On a lighter note tonight we were able to go to a fun place called Dave & Buster's to reward ourselves for all the hard work we did. I had no idea it existed. Our friend Brian is in town and staying with us a couple of days and he told us about it. It is basically like a Chuck-E-Cheese for adults (without the stuffed mouse running around). It was so much fun! Matt and I never go places like that but our babysitter owed us some hours so we went. I kicked butt at "The Tower of Power." We have had such a great time this weekend. It is so nice to have friends come to visit. It's always hard to see them go but we know we are where we are supposed to be and that makes it a little bit easier. I hope next weekend will be just as successful.

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Lynda said...

Sounds like a GREAT productive day!! I have never been to Daves and Busters but Big Johnny as, I soooo want to go there!! Did you go to the one on Tatum or the one in chandler? By the way if you would like a vid made I'd be happy to make one for ya! I enjoy doing it!