Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank Goodness it's Thursday!

So the day has just begun and already it's panning out to be a hard one. Does any of this matter? NOOO, because tonight is Grey's Anatomy night and we are going to have treats and we are going to have FUN! The only way it could be better is if Grey's Anatomy was on Friday so I could have my husband home for the weekend. I have a hard time when he is gone. Things have been better though. I haven't felt like throwing myself under a bus lately and so I think perhaps my hormones are finally all leveled out and my new medication is taking effect. I am a crazy one but admit it, that's why a lot of you love me! I had a long talk with a friend back home yesterday and man I want to make another visit to Utah but the money is just not there. Hopefully by August there will be some sort of miracle and I can go. I am starting to think we should be playing the AZ lottery, it's up to like 20 million right now. Do you know how many groceries and diapers I could buy with 20 million dollars????


Lynnette said...

Hey Aubs....while you're buying Groceries and diapers...I have a few things you get get! ;0)

Queen M said...

No kidding. The GA lottery is the same. Justin told me that a trucker at work gave him lottery tickets at christmas time. To bad they didn't pay out.

We are thinking of going back at Thanksgiving or Christmas time. It will be our first time back.