Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a Bother

Today has been a better day and I attribute that to the near 20 hours of sleep that I have gotten in the past day and a half. It's insane what sleep depravation can do to a person. I have taken it very easy today. I have only cleaned a little bit, and only when I feel like it. I figure all I have to do is keep the front living room clean and the rest can go to hell!
There is something that has plagued me today and that is the above ground swimming pool that we have. So the question is this, above ground or built in, which is better? I love the above ground pool because I can empty it when needed and it does not hike up my water bill. The bad part about it is the damn holes! It seems like I am forever patching and never finding all of the holes. I know there are downfalls to a built in pool as well but at this point I would kill for one. We won't ever get one though because they cost more than our vehicles combined and that's just crazy talk.

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