Monday, June 29, 2009

Guitar Hero+Friends=Awesome Family Home Evening

Tonight we went to the Ortiz's house for family home evening. They are some of our best friends here. We played Guitar Hero and it was so much fun. I was so proud of myself for playing. I wanted to from the beginning but I was afraid I would really suck and I would look like an idiot. Well, I must say I did better than Matt but I was on the easy level the whole time! I ROCKED! I usually never do that kind of stuff but I did and it was so much fun. Johnny said it best when he said that they get me out of my shell. They are so fun to be around and he was right, I feel totally comfortable around them. It was so great. These pictures were taken on my phone and they suck so I will have to add better ones when I get them. BEST FAMILY NIGHT EVER!


todavine said...

How fun. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! I haven't played guitar hero; I think I am the only person who hasn't.

Ortiz Family said...

Yeah you need better pictures, I'll download mine and send them to you. We had fun to!