Sunday, June 28, 2009

No Mans Land

You see this? This is what is going to happen to me in about 10 seconds.
I am pretty sure that Arizona was not meant to be a settling place for people. The past few days have been seriously HOT. Everyone told me that the first summer here is the worst and I sure hope they are right. It's only June and I feel like I am going to spontaniously combust. The heat makes us all tired and incredibly cranky. Matt and I got in a fight over who was going to say that family prayer tonight...I mean come on people, who does that. I swear they must be giving the kids crack in primary, that is the only explanation for the disaster that was our family tonight. Just kidding. People from my ward are going to read this and hate my guts. I'm going to bed and then we are going to start living our lives at night and sleep all day. I swear that is the only way to survive this.


Queen M said...

People tell me the first year here is the hottest too. That you need 2 sets of clothes and garments since you will soak 2 sets a day and take two showers. Since we can't have our power bills on equal pay yet we have to keep the ac a little bit on the hot side too. I just keep telling myself that people have lived and survived it here for a very long time and I will too.

Here's a virtual popcicle to keep you cool. :)

todavine said...

Its been hot here too, so I'm sure its even hotter there for you. Are AC decided to go out just as it got HOT. I keep telling myself too that other people survive without AC so we can too.