Monday, June 1, 2009

Miss You

I thought of you today.
I wondered if you were okay.
I wondered if you had returned,
or if you were still lost behind
the anger, the sadness and the anxiety.
I waited for you,
I anticipated your return
with hope.
You did not come.
Someone came in your place,
someone I have not known but now
stand side by side with.
This person does not laugh with me
like you used to.
This person does not make jokes like you
used to.
This person is a stranger.
I miss you.
I think about you all of the time.
I wonder if you are okay.
I wonder if you'll return someday.


Lynda said...

I really really like this. It says so much with so few words. Thank you for sharing it.

Lynnette said...

Wow...really good. Is this one of yours?