Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Must Keep Believing

Today was a hard day for me, because it was a devistating day for one of my best friends. She has been in an ongoing legal battle and today was not a good day in court. I was supposed to testify but they dismissed all the witnesses. I have to keep believing that because she is living her life right and doing everything she can for her child that there will be a miracle. What is hard for me is that Matt and I have prayed for her for almost 7 years now and she is still going through this craziness. I have to say it has been a trial of my faith. I know that God answers prayers and so why aren't these one's being answered? The father in this story is not a good man and so I have to believe that God will send a miracle but we need it soon. Those of you who know her and even those that don't, pray HARD!!!

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