Thursday, June 18, 2009

What Fun!

There is one thing about Arizona that I LOVE and that is the price of getting my family into the pool! I took my kids today plus one extra and it was $3 for all of us! This pool just opened not too far from our house and we had such a great time. I am kicking myself that I didn't take my camera. The main play pool is perfect for all three of my kids. Claire and Ivan can go off on their own to play and as long as Nora has on a life jacket and I can see her, she has free reign as well. I had the little baby that I watch with me too and so I just waded in the water and held her, she's too young for the water. It was so much fun. As soon as we get some extra money (ha ha is there such thing) I want to buy a punch pass for this pool. It was so nice to spend a day outside of the house with the kids. It was very hot but the water was perfect and the kids had an absolute blast. They all sacked out in the car on the way home except for Claire and so she and I had time to talk together. I love those one on one moments, they make all of the chaos worth it! Today was a good day.


Queen M said...

That's one thing I HATE, HATE, HATE about it here. NO public pools. Or splash pads. All of the neighborhoods with hoa's have their private neighborhood pools. There is an awesome indoor and outdoor pool at the YWCA, but you have to be a member, which costs 290 for sign up and then 80 a month after that. I feel SO SO SO bad every time we pass it (right on the main drag of town) and I have to tell the girls we can't go there. They don't understand, especially when all of their friends go there every day.
We broke down and got one of those big kiddie pools (about 3 ft deep)that fits on our deck a few weeks ago, but it just isn't the same.

I am glad you guys have a place of wet refuge that is inexpensive.

Lynda said...

I so love taking the kids to the pool!! Mainly because they conk out right after but also because they always have a blast. Thankfully we have a public pool in the apartments we live in. I'm so glad you had a good day!!

todavine said...

I was just thinking yesterday about the pool you had here and invited us to go swimming in.
I took my kids to Pratt yesterday (for $4, so you beat me by one dollar). And my youngest conked out aftewards too.