Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who Needs Super Nanny...

Food Storage!

Clean Room!

You can actually see the floor!

Who needs "Super Nanny," we have Granny! I can't believe the difference that having Granny around has made. I just didn't realize there was a difference between being stern and consistant and being mean. Because the children's behavior has improved, I was able to actually clean and organize a whole room! For those of you that have seen the wreck that was my laundry room, you will appreciate these pictures. I am no longer embarassed to let people into my laundry room and I can actually open the door to the garage! The kids are actually going straight to time-out (with the acception of Claire) when they are told to and I had a day where I was actually the one in control! We have a long way to go but it has been a great start! Thank heaven for Granny Vicki!

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The Warner Corner said...

Good job!! It makes a HUGE difference in how children behave. I learned that the hard way with Addison. Hang in there. They will continue to test you but just be consistant. Love you!