Friday, July 10, 2009

Diagnosis: Aspergers Disorder

After 4 and a half years of searching for help for our little Claire Bear, we have been given a firm diagnosis of Asperger's Disorder. Claire has struggled throughout her short five years here on earth but she is doing better and better, especially with the help of the awesome doctors and psychologists here in Arizona. What a blessing it is that the Lord sent us to a place where we could finally get the help that we needed. We had a feeling that the diagnosis of ADHD did not fit and none of the medications that we were trying for that particular disorder were working either. We can now start on a new and hopefully easier journey with the right diagnosis and help from others with children who have this same disorder. She is going to go to half day kindergarten this fall and she will spend some of her afternoons in group therapy with other children that have asperger's disorder. She is so smart and although we have struggled so much and we bump heads like crazy, I love her with all of my heart and am so glad that we are getting the right help for her. Thank you to all of you that have been supportive of everything that we have been going through. You can read more about Claire's journey @ .

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The Warner Corner said...

This is good news! I am happy that you have some answers. I love you.