Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Night Swimming

Tonight we took the family and went to the pool from 7pm-9pm. It was a lot of fun. We didn't have to worry about sunscreen or burning our feet on the sidewalk and the outside temperature when we got there at 7 was only 104 degrees! When we left it had cooled down to a comfortable 100 degress. I never in my life thought that an outside temperature of 100 degrees would be comfortable. It was so fun to watch the kids at the pool. One thing that I have observed about our kids is that they are all very independent. Claire seems to be the most independent of them all but Nora kept telling me "be right back" and then she would go off to the kiddie slide by herself. Of course I stayed right where I could see her but it amazed me that my 2 year old daughter was doing this by herself. Ivan is just 100% boy. He is always jumping, running, shouting etc. and although it is trying, I love the enjoyment that he finds in life. He is just taking advantage of every moment and loving it. It is so great to see him at the pool having so much fun. Thanks sooo much to Grandpa Paul who gave us the money to buy passes to the pool so that we can have these moments. It is not often that we can go somewhere just as a family and have this much fun. I felt such a great amount of love for my little family tonight.
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