Sunday, August 23, 2009

Somber Sunday

Last night was a sad night in our little neighborhood. As Matt and I were leaving for a ward activity (I am on the activities committee) there were 4 police cars racing through our neighborhood. They blocked off the roads at the end of our street and in front of the school just a block away. There were ambulances and 3 helicopters as well. When we got to the ward another member of the activities committee was there and he informed us that some new members of our ward had just found their only two children face down in their backyard pool. One was 2 and one was 5. The two year old was revived at the scene and is doing well in the hospital but their five year old girl was never revived and is now on life support in the hospital and has been declared brain dead. This family has not even finished closing on the house that they were buying just one street up from us.
Today at church there was a very somber feeling as everyone was updated or alerted to what was going on. In primary they did their usual spotlight but spotlighted little Rachel. I just kept thinking to myself that I have children that age. What if that had been Claire or Nora? I am sure that a lot of people had those exact same thing going through their minds. It is a helpless feeling not to be able to do anything for them. It is good to know that we can pray for them however. I would love to see a miracle happen and to have this little girl join her family here on earth again but it does not look good.
It seems as though Arizona has made me aware of so many more dangers in this world. In Tooele we were in a little safety bubble where life was really good and things seemed really safe. I do not have that feeling here. With the crime and other things that happen so often here it seems like such a more dangerous place. It is funny the things you take for granted when you find your self without them, especially security of every kind. I pray for this family and hope that you will too.