Friday, August 21, 2009

Homebound Hell

It's so funny that I forget how miserable I am when I am pregnant. I have done really well until this last week and now I am just sick, sick, sick. My poor kids have resulted to playing with a stroller in the house. They fill it with toys and Nora and run through the hallway. I am hoping that no one gets hurt but I am desperate enough for the rest that I continue to let them do it. My poor house is just trashed. Everyday I make them pick up a little but you really would hardly know that we do anything at all. The only thing that I keep thinking is how worth it this is all going to be when we add a new little one to our family. I try not to think of all of the horrible things that could happen to prevent this baby from joining our family and everyday that things go well I breathe a sigh of relief and thank the Lord. I wish so much that Matt had a schedule that allowed him to be home during the week. I realize that would mean sacrificing some time with him on the weekends but I need him here so much right now. It's hard to be sick and in a new place with very little friends. At least with my last pregnancies, friends would pop by with treats and stay and visit for a while. I just haven't met those kinds of friends here yet, at least not many. The few that I have are very busy and so the kids and I sit inside all day and they are so cooped up. I will be very grateful when we can start going to the park again without melting.

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