Thursday, October 15, 2009

Facing Adversity...

7 days and counting with the flu in our house. This has been the longest 7 days of my life! Last night I was flooded with memories of being basically confined to bed after a tumor had been removed from my brain and my body was weakened by disease. Not a fun time but today I was able to put on clothes! It is so hard to be confined to a house and feel totally cut off from the outside world. I have learned this week that I take a lot for granted, like the ability to shower, the ability to make dinner for my family and above all the ability to stand upright. Our only HD tv went out last Saturday and as we do not have cable or any converter boxes we are stuck with no TV, only movies. I never realized that commercials could be a beneficial thing! I used to hate them but now I am wishing I could watch them, or the news, or anything relating to the outside world! This morning I took my band of invalids down to the park for some fresh air. They seemed to be feeling a little better and despite my lack of energy I knew they needed OUT! It was a very pathetic outing indeed. We were there about 20 minutes and most of the time was spent laying on the grass or in the sand and crying. No one felt well enough but the walls are closing in around us. I am wishing so much right now that Matt would come home and tell me all the exciting things that happened in the shipping world today, I am just that desperate for news from the outside world. I am also wishing that we had money to buy pizza because I cannot stand long enough to prepare a meal. This is the first time I have been pregnant with the flu. IT IS HORRIBLE. Two things that are going to be done when we are better, #1 get flu shots #2 save up $40 for a converter box so I can watch all of the commercials during Grey's Anatomy.

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