Sunday, November 29, 2009

Angel's and Demon's Did NOT Deliver

I had such high hopes when I picked the movie at the red box. I had read Angel's and Demon's just a short while back and I was so excited to see the movie. I must say I was rather annoying to watch the movie with, just ask my husband. I was so disappointed that they left out MAJOR characters and plot lines. I kept pausing the movie to tell Matt what had happened in the book so that the movie would make more sense. I watched the special features to see if there was any explanation as to why they would change such a brilliant piece of literature. I was extremely disappointed to find out that Dan Brown was a producer of the film and allowed his book to be changed so completely. He was even the brain behind some of the changes. I know he is a brilliant writer but I must say a lost a little respect when he deviated from the original work so completely. If you have not seen this movie I would suggest reading the book first. If you must, watch the movie but know that you are missing out on an incredible book. Usually something like this would not make me so sad but the book was perfect from beginning to end. I also have a passionate connection to this and his later work The Divinci Code because the majority of my college education has been in Art and Art History. I am fascinated by the research that he has done on Divinci and Galileo. Also I have always been an avid reader and lover of good literature. I would love to have it in me to write something as brilliant as these pieces of work. Through reading these and other works and then seeing the movies, I have realized Hollywood's true limitations when pitted against a brilliant imagination.

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