Friday, November 13, 2009

Feeling Fresh Air

Today has been a beautiful and slightly rainy day in Arizona. Oh how I have missed the rain. Today we have had every window in the house open and I LOVE IT! It has been at least 6 months since all the windows have been open and all the air let in to our house. It is such a freeing feeling. I love hearing all the sounds of the neighborhood and most of all the sound of my kids playing OUTSIDE! The weather here is incredible during the winter and today reminded my exactly why we endured the summer here.
Despite the nice weather and the fresh air I am a little lonely tonight. Every once in a while this lonliness creeps over me in the afternoon and there is no explanation for it. I think a lot of it is that Matt works in a place that is far away and he comes home late. I have several friends here but it's not like it was in Tooele where we spent so much time together. I guess maybe it's just a side effect of getting older but friends aren't the biggest part of my life anymore and that is hard. In Tooele there was always someone coming or going from our house. There was always someone who needed something and as hard as that was, I miss having all of those people around. I must say life here is much more solitary than it was in Tooele.
I miss the often and random visits from Miss Mandy. I miss playing with the Cooley's because our kids got along very well. Here it seems that my kids have more of a problem getting along with others and now that there are 3 almost 4 of them it's getting harder to go to friends houses without fits and fights.
It's crazy how fast life changes, most of the time I am simply not ready for it. I must say I am not ready for the 30th year of my life that is sneaking up on me and I am not ready for the solitary life style that comes along with getting older. I have always been a very social and busy person and this year has been hard for me without the constant go, go, go.

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Queen M said...

Awe we miss you guys too. Both of my girls bring up weekly going to visit you guys. Too bad our layover isn't in AZ next week. Hopefully someday.