Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unsettling News

Today I got a call from my Obgyn's PA. She said that I do not have gestational diabetes but that I am testing positive for antibodies. I have O- blood and so with every pregnancy I have to have rogam injections so that my blood and the blood of any baby with positive blood will not mix. When she said that I am testing positive for antibodies, it means that my blood and the babies blood have already mixed. This can be very dangerous for an unborn baby. She did not deliver any news other than the fact that I was building up antibodies and she said that she had to talk to the other doctors and that I would hear back from her. She did not call back today and so I am freaking out. When this happens in utero it means that the baby can become severely anemic and jaundice. My body is essentially fighting off the baby, trying to destroy it. The treatment is a blood transfusion for the baby in utero and possibly and early C-section. So little Naomi may be making her appearance in this world earlier than expected. I am very upset that the PA did not call me back today. I called the office 4 times over the course of the afternoon and not one word from anyone. I am calling first thing in the morning. I need to know what needs to happen. The most horrible thing is that one of my children is in trouble and I can't do anything to help her. No amount of taking it easy, lying down, resting will do anything. Once our blood is mixed it's mixed. I also found out that when you have the Rh- factor and you have babies that have a positive blood type the risk of this increases with each child. NO ONE TOLD ME THAT! I am surprised at the amount of information that they have not given me. I am just in shock and want to know where we go from here.


Abram and Ashley said...

holy cow that is scary. I'm RH- too and i didn't know that the risk is higher w/ every prego. I'll have to talk to my doc the next time I try to have another baby. I hope everything goes ok. I'm praying for you. Call if you need anything.

The Warner Corner said...

You are in my prayers!! I'm RH- too but luckily married someone who is RH- too. Have you gotten a blessing? Please keep us posted. I love you! I wish I was there. Hang in there.

Mary said...

Keeping you in my prayers. I can't believe that they didn't bring this up before so that they could monitor it better.