Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Up and Down

I forgot how tiring being pregnant can be, especially being pregnant with three other little ones to take care of. I spent most of the day in my PJ's because I am just not feeling well. I will be glad when we are out of limbo with this baby even though I know it will be a very hard road ahead. After a very good nap this afternoon with my kiddo's I was able to clean the upstairs, shampoo the carpets and even clean one bathroom. This is more than I have been able to do in a long time! I just don't understand why I am so tired. I could literally stay in bed all day and night and for some reason I don't think it's all related to the pregnancy. It was a good day though, able to relax, play with the kids a little and read which always helps me escape. Only 1 day left until we measure the anemia again in little Naomi. I am nervous about what might happen but I know that the Lord is watching out for her and loves her and I am at peace that everything will be okay.

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Queen M said...

That extreme exhaustion was the #1 symptom I had with both of mine. I didn't ever get the morning sickness I just was exhausted ALL.THE.TIME. I 100% understand what you are are feeling. Keep your chin up.