Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today is a Worry Day

I have been doing pretty well since Sunday when I got a blessing but today is definitely a worry day. I had dreams all night that I didn't like and now today I am just anxious. Waiting the three days between these appointments shouldn't be as hard as it is but it's starting to become impossible. I will be so glad when Nae is here with us and safe. I hate the kick counting that they have me doing. I hate sitting here waiting for her to move so that I know that she is still alive. It was all I could do to drag myself to the store today and I was too lazy to get half of the stuff I needed. I wish grocery stores delivered. I just feel like hiding in my house until this is all over. I am trying to clean so that when I do have to go it's all done and organized but it's just not working. I'm just not seeing much progress. It's just a "worry day."


Melody Williamson said...

Hang in there! Safeway delivers:)

Mary said...

I will be glad too when Nae is with you. Praying with you.