Monday, January 18, 2010

What a Good Feeling

Tomorrow is another appointment with the OB for a non-stress test. Hopefully all will go well because it has been a good 3 days not worrying about little "Nae". It looks as though this will be a C-Section birth no matter what though because she is being stubborn and won't move from the breech position. You never know though she could surprise us and turn. The only way I would be able to deliver her though is if she makes it to 37 weeks. If it's any earlier it has to be C-section. I cleaned all day and now tonight I am having some contractions but they are not regular. It is so nice to have a clean house though. It has been a while. I feel at peace with the house picked up. I feel like if I have to go to the hospital this week then I can go and not worry about whomever is taking care of my kids because they won't have to deal with a messy house. What a good feeling.

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Mary said...

You must be in the nesting stage. But it is good to have a clean place without worrying about others trying to do it for you.