Friday, January 15, 2010

Stable with a Chance of Pre-Term Labor

Great news, Naomi is stable for now! She is slightly lower on the anemic scale but the doctor warned me that it can fluctuate and jump at any time. We will measure her anemia again next Friday. For today however she has improved and I am thankful for that blessing. Her heart rate has also slowed from the 176 range to the 164 range. Overall improvement. The only negative news today was that my amniotic fluid is too high and that can cause pre-term labor. Right now pre-term labor is the least of my worries but we will still watch for it. They gave me a whole check list to put on my fridge. I also have to be very consistent with the kick counts because she was a little sluggish today. However, for the next three days we can breathe a little easier.


Michelle said...

I am so happy to hear the good news. I hope that everything continues to go well. You are in my prayers!

Queen M said...

What great news Aubrey! Yay!

Mary said...

That is such great news. I continue to pray for all of you.