Monday, March 1, 2010

Today's the Day

Today is the the day, today is the day, today is the day. We are testing out our power of positive thinking today. Went to the doctor this morning and she stripped my membranes. I have had it done before but never like this. It hurt so bad but I was so brave and didn't make a sound. The baby's head was down pretty far and when the doctor started working the baby put her hand over her head. The doctor had to literally move the baby's hand, I thought that was so cool! I was having a lot of contractions and cramping until I took a nap but now that I am up and around it is starting again so TODAY IS THE DAY! I think we are going to go and walk the neighborhood to see if that moves things along. It is time to be done, she is a healthy 7lbs 2oz and her lungs are looking great, I don't have to see the perinatologists anymore so "let's get this party started!"

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Stephanie said...

Congrats, let us know when she has arrived! Take care and you are in my prayers for a safe delivery. Love and miss you guys tons!