Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well I Tried

What a day, what a trip. For over a month now I have been feeling very inadequate as a mother. It all stemmed from a letter I received from my mother. However, I decided today as I was driving my kids all over East Valley Arizona looking to buy lady bugs for them that I am indeed a good mother. Both Ivan and Claire have been talking about insects at school and Ivan missed the day that his teacher gave out lady bugs. He caught one the other day and told me "I pulled her wings off so she can't fly away." All I could do was laugh but alas his lady bug crawled her way to freedom. So that is how and why our adventure started today. We live about 5 miles from a nursery and so we popped over there after lunch to buy some lady bugs. They were cleaned out! So they said to try Home Depot who said to try Lowe's etc. etc. you get the picture right? So 64.7 miles later and back at home I have discovered that I am indeed a good mother. I do not know many other people who would drive that far and look that hard to buy lady bugs for their children just for fun. I may not meet the standards set by many others but I try my hardest and give my all to my children. Our family has been through some extremely hard times lately. There may have been some shouting, there may have been tears, there may have even been some spankings but that does not make me a bad mother, that makes me human and being human does not mean that I don't give my parenting everything I have. It was a good lesson learned and now we all need a nap and I would be fine if I never saw another lady bug in my life.


The Warner Corner said...

You are a great mother. Hang in there. I love you.

Lynnette said...

Yes!!! You ARE an awesome mother =)