Saturday, August 14, 2010

This Chick is OUT!

I must say I have finally had it. I have had it with life and all it has given me lately. I am done with dumb ass people and their dumb ass comments and drama. It is disheartening to live in a world where people are inherently evil. Because I have 4 children that need me I will stick around but my contact with people in the outside world will be supremely limited. Bye Y'all, this chick is out!


Jack Kung said...

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Mike and Amy said...

Aubrey - you are AWESOME. Don't let idiots make you disappear. If it weren't for your blog and FB, I wouldn't have any idea what's going on with you guys ... I would have missed out "bonding" with Matt over the death penalty, and I wouldn't know just how amazing you both are and how hard you try to be good parents and good people. Feel my love vibes, will ya? ;)