Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Enjoying What We Have

Wow, today was a trying one! The kids were on one and I don't think I have ever wished harder that they had "off buttons." It is finally quiet (or as quiet as it gets in this house) and I have time to reflect on the day...and I don't think I will. I think I will let this day go to bed along with the children. We are doing rather well, considering everything. Matt's mood has lifted so much. One of our biggest fears was that he would have this surgery and he would still feel as depressed and defeated as he did before. Thanks to small miracles, God and Dr. B he is back. I love this man. I love that he is my best friend. I love the kids even though they are completely crazy! Claire has re-discovered a friend that she had in kindergarten and that friend has been upgraded to BFF status. They have been inseparable for a while now, especially the last two days and they are so cute together! They played all day yesterday, had a sleep over last night and played again all day today. We had to pry them apart tonight and it is so fun to remember being that way with my friends when I was little. She also has another loose tooth and is already planning what she will do with the dollar that the tooth fairy will be leaving. Ivan is completely jealous that he is not having sleep overs of his own but unfortunately he is younger and so are all of his friends. It is fall break and so they are trying to fill every moment with friends and I love it. I am tired but I love it! Nora is starting pre-school after fall break and she is super excited! She can't wait to go to school like her brother and sister. I get to take her shopping this weekend for some new school clothes and a new backpack. She is starting the year a little late because we were not sure we could afford pre-school but things are looking up a bit and so she can go! Naomi is growing so fast! She is going to be crawling anytime now. We are expecting her bottom teeth any day now as they have yet to make an appearance. She is starting to self-feed with cereal bites and I can't believe that she is already almost 7 months old! Matt is working and doing much better. His job was so hard before the surgery. He would come home so exhausted and sad and now he comes home and is able to leave work at work and just enjoy being home. Now for me. I will say that this summer has been sooo lonely! Now that the weather is cooling down I have had the opportunity to get together with various people that I have never spent much time with before and I am loving it. I have started scrap booking so that we will have tangible memories for Matt when his fails and I have quickly become addicted! I am proud of the way it is all turning out, especially because I have never really done it much before. I miss home but I am also starting to feel more at home here. Matt and I have been talking about the possibility of a trip. We want to take the kids on an unforgettable family vacation. We are thinking Disney Land or Disney World but Matt does not have any time off for quite a while. It will give us some time to save up and prepare. We just want to do something big before he is unable to anymore. I will admit that I have started praying for a miracle. I have started pleading with the Lord that Matt will not loose his memory as early as they are predicting. I am not getting my hopes up but I have to have hope. In the meantime I am enjoying what we have created together, our own little family that means the world to both of us.


Miss M said...

I'm praying for a miracle for you guys too! You are in our prayers.

Mary said...

I am praying too. I hope that you get that vacation in soon.

Queen M said...

(((((HUGS))))) I think you should go for Disney world and we will go with you guys. :) It is 8 hours from us and Justin's brother works there.