Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moroni's Promise

You know, I have never really question the validity of the scriptures. Even as a rebellious teen I knew they were not merely the writing of one man but the words of the Lord given to the prophets through revelation. I have always known of Moroni's promise in the Book of Mormon, that if we read and pray with a sincere heart the Lord will gives us a surity that they are true. I have never felt the need to take advantage of this promise. I realize now that although I know the scriptures are true I have not applied them in my life, especially for the last few years. Matt and I have always read with the kids and I have been learning the stories but I have not been having individual scripture study. Last weekend was a very difficult one for me. Who are we kidding, the last two years have been very difficult for me. On Sunday I prayed for the Lords help. I pleaded for patience and comfort. I finally had Matt give me a blessing because I was really struggling. During the blessing I was admonished to read my scriptures and pray daily. Personal prayer is something I have been struggling with too. I have tried in the past to read my scriptures everyday and it has always fallen second to other things like kids and homework and laundry etc. Because of this I know that it is just a fault of mine that I can't MAKE time for scripture study. So I prayed to the Lord and asked the Lord to make time for me. I prayed for remembrance so that I would not forget to take the time to study my scriptures. For the last week I have gotten on my knees every night to say my prayers and during the day I have experienced the scriptures either by reading them or listening to them on my iPod. While I do the laundry or the dishes or other chores I have been listening to them on the Mormon channel on my iPod and it has made such a difference in my days. I find that by listening to them I am able to block out external distractions and really focus on what I am hearing. It is so true that if you will take advantage of the scriptures and prayer that the Lord will help you with whatever your struggle is. I have had patience with my children. I have spoken kind word to them and kept my cool when they have been at their most difficult. I have not been frustrated by the thing that are expected of me and I even feel like I have more energy. I now have a sure knowledge that the scriptures are not only true but also that if you read everyday, even if it is only one verse that your burdens will be lighter, your mood will be better and life won't seem quite so hard. How loving our Heavenly Father is to provide us with such a simple way to be nearer to him. I am so thankful not only for the blessings that the Lord has given me but also for the trials so that I can learn from them and grow stronger in the gospel as well as in my daily life.

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