Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a Dissapointment

We spent last night in the ER at St.Joseph's hospital and let me tell you, it is so true that the freaks come out of the woodworks around Halloween. We spent the first part of the evening at our ward Halloween party. Matt wasn't feeling too well toward the end of the party and by the time I got home he needed to go to the hospital. He was having positional headaches which are something that the doctor told us to look for specifically. We had the most frustrating experience at the hospital. They did a CT scan and an x-ray and found that the shunt was working fine. The neuro-surgery resident came in and told us that everything looked good with the shunt and that he didn't doubt that Matt was in pain but that he thought it was "phantom pain." I have decided that I just do not like residents. He then called down the neurology resident and told them that he was signing off on the case and that it was their responsibility now. The neurologist did not agree and said that she thought it was in fact a surgical matter. I have never seen such a childish display in my life. They were literally fighting over who's responsibility it was to care for my husband. I just started to cry. We ended up coming home with Matt still in pain and no answers. We were told to call the doctor who did the surgery when in fact it was her that sent us to the hospital. I was amazed at the lack of empathy for his pain and suffering. It takes years of schooling to become a doctor and it all of that time I believe that somewhere along the road they loose sight of what matters and that is the patient. Is it not true that they take an oath to do no harm and to help others? I believe that somewhere in all of those years of schooling there should be some sensitivity training. Some compassion should be taught. I was grossly dissapointed by the health care system. It frightens me to see the upcoming doctors that will be caring for us and our children.

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