Sunday, February 13, 2011


We attended our new ward today. Everyone was very nice. It's a much different dynamic than our other ward. We are no longer some of the oldest people there! It was nice to go. I haven't been to church in nearly a month due to illness and although it was hard to find the motivation to go, I did it and I'm glad I did. We are really liking our new house. The smaller one story is perfect for us. I wish we could have stayed in the same neighborhood but we are not far. I will admit I have been homesick this last week but going to church today helped with that. We have been planning a trip to Utah for this summer and I must say it has me anxious to see a lot of people. I'm ready for a vacation! Matt had a good weekend. He was able to get a long nap yesterday while the kids and I cleaned the house so he had energy for the second half of the day. We went to a birthday party for one of my good friends and we had a great time. I was able to catch up on some sleep this weekend and I am so thankful. Eventually I would love to kick this exhaustion! My parents are leaving for the MTC tomorrow. I am sad that we couldn't see them before they go but we will still get to talk to them on the phone often while they are gone. Things have been more restful this weekend and I am so thankful. I love that I can spend more fun time with my kids now that I am not trying to maintain a large house. I am hoping this week will bring more beautiful weather and more restful days.

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