Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Wonderful Feeling

What a week. As cliche' as it might sound, I am so thankful that tomorrow is Friday. I used to dread the weekend because the house would be trashed by Monday. No matter how hard I tried I could not get the house clean on Saturdays or keep it clean until the following Monday. This is no longer true! As much as it sucked to have to move, I am so grateful for this house! It is so small compared to our last house and I LOVE IT! I am so grateful that we are able to live in a smaller place with so much less stuff. I love that we threw so much away so that we are no longer storing mass amounts of junk that we will never use again! This house is a huge blessing for our family. Tonight I was able to come home from a day away and clean up the toys and sweep and vacuum while making dinner. It was so great to turn on music and have the house clean in half an hour! The kids are actually pitching in because it is not so overwhelming for all of us. They are able to spend time with their dad because he can be in the room where they are and still follow doctors orders. They sleep in their own beds because they are close to us. We no longer fight the "I'm scared to go upstairs by myself" battle! I love it. I feel very blessed. As hard as it was to move away from the awesome friends we had right across the street, this move has been wonderful and as a plus, it's only 5 miles from our friends. Tonight our challenges seem a little less challenging. Tonight my burden seem a little lighter. Tonight I feel less lonely and it is a wonderful feeling.

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Fuller Family said...

Aubrey I am so glad things are going to much better for you and your family. We do miss you all very much but you needed some peace and it sounds like this was the answer for now. I am glad to hear there is a little peace and happiness amongst the trials you are facing. Keep your head up and don't be afraid to ask for help if you do fall behind. Love ya