Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pieces of The Heart

It has been some time since I last posted, I almost don't know where to start. Most of our friends and readers know the events of the last few months so I won't reiterate them. I will say that because of the accumulation of the events of the last few years, coupled with the events of the last few months we made a very bold decision. Matt gave his notice at the company with which he has spent the last
7 years and I got to work packing and we moved back home to Utah. This was our first week here. The week has not quite come to an end but my work week has and so I find myself with time to reflect on what we have done. Most people would and have said that this was a careless decision but those who have watched us and loved us over the last several years will tell you it was a decision long overdue. I was amazed at the events that led to our arrival in Utah after we made the final decision that we were leaving Arizona. We prayed and agonized over this decision and then humbly told the Lord that we were ready to go home. We only asked that if it was the wrong thing for our little family that he let us know. Well he let us know in many ways that it was in fact the RIGHT decision. Just one day after we finalized our plan, my sister called me and told me about some open jobs with the State of Utah. I applied because I felt it only fair that I do everything possible to contribute to the decision we had made. I had no reason to think that I would be qualified nor wanted for the job. Just 2 days later I received a message that they wanted me for an interview. My heart sank when they told me that I was needed for an interview 5 days before we were to arrive in Utah. The Lord did not let that get in the way. I was told I could interview over the phone. My sister helped me brush up on my interviewing skills as I have not worked out of the house in almost 8 years. I still had very little faith that I would get the job because I was out of state and no doubt competing with many local candidates. Again the Lord worked a miracle in our lives and I was called the day before we left AZ and offered the job. The only challenge was that they needed me to start the day after we arrived back home. I was able to start last Monday and although it has been extremely hard to leave my children everyday, I know they are in good hands with Matt and their Granny and Grandpa. So far everything has gone smoothly and we know that the Lord has delivered us home. It has not been without many tears of sorrow and joy and MANY dollars spent in gas money but we are home. I learned a very valuable lesson in all of this. The heart can be broken into pieces without it necessarily be a bad thing, as long as you leave those pieces with people you have met and loved along the way home.

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Stephanie said...

Welcome Home. It was the right time to come home, and the Lord has shown that in many ways. The best thing is you now have a family in Arizona and Utah that love you and your cute family. Once you get settled let me know and we can hang out and catch up. Take care call if you need anything.