Saturday, June 18, 2011

It Truly Comes In Three's!

Well we are very happy to be back in Utah. We are enjoying living with the in-laws. I am extremely grateful to be sharing the housework with another woman because frankly I don't have the energy to keep a household running by myself. Matt and I are both working and matt's job came with insurance starting the day of hire and let me tell you what a HUGE blessing that has been. Since being home Nora has gotten shingles, I have had a kidney infection and Ecoli and in our latest adventures, Claire broke her elbow jumping off of a swing. We took her to the urgent care yesterday as soon as she did it and sure enough she snapped the bone in two. So that's three right? The problem is it doesn't stop there. It just seems to be one thing after another! I'm just so grateful we have insurance because the doctor said it looked like she may need surgery to fix the break. We go to the orthopedic doctor this week for either a surgery date or bone setting and s cast. I am so glad that we are here where there is help.

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