Sunday, September 18, 2011

Baptism Preview

Tonight we had the opportunity to go to a baptism preview for Claire. We went to one in our old ward at the beginning of this year but her baptism seemed so far away that it really didn't hit me. Tonight I realized that her baptism is only 2 months away and so it took on a whole new meaning for me. We have been talking about baptism a lot with her and helping her to get ready. Tonight as we were sitting there my mind wandered to my childhood and my adolescence and I realized how much I want things to be different for Claire Bear. These next two months will be so special going to get her baptism dress and make up her invitations. Her Grandma and Grandpa Bradford won't be able to be there and that makes me very sad but Matt will get to baptize her which is something we weren't sure he would be able to do. We will have to work around the oxygen situation but it will be possible. I can't believe that she is old enough to get baptized. We struggle a lot with her, especially me because she is so much like me. I hope and pray that I can use those similarities to direct her down a better path than I chose when I was younger. I made it to the right destination, I just took a lot of hurtful detours along the way. I don't want her to have to take those detours. I am so excited and scared and sad that my baby is growing up.

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Garffdog said...

We provide something that you never had love...a safe and loving place, regardless of the physical location...I pray we can be there for her and help her to make better decisions than we did. I LOVE YOU!