Friday, September 9, 2011

The Latest From These Garff's

Today has been a hard day. Matt has gone back to work and the kids have started school and although it is a load off it proves to be quite lonely sometimes. We are still living with Matt's dad and things are still challenging for our family but we are seeing some progress. Matt is doing well at work, he is still on oxygen but it keeps him awake on the drive to and from and helps him have more energy throughout the day. The swelling in his hands and legs has gone down considerably and the cardiologist has given him a great report so we know that he does not have congestive heart failure! Yay! Now we just have to see the endocrinologist and the GI doc for a liver biopsy. We have to have it done at the U of U so it is nearly impossible to get ahold of anyone! I think we will just have to walk in to make the appointment.

I have been struggling with depression and fibromyalgia. Someone stole 7 pain patches from the house and so we have started locking our bedroom door with a key and I have been in pain for the last 2 weeks. It is so frustrating to be dealing with pain again after having been nearly pain free. I made a police report and the doctor could prescribe more but the insurance won't pay until Monday so it will be a long weekend. I think the depression comes from yet another challenge in our lives and another change in our routine. I just don't seem to fit in my own skin, I feel like I can't quite find my niche. I am hoping with time I will begin to feel better.

The kids are enjoying school and the weather is starting to turn so they are excited. They can't wait for it to snow, I on the other hand can definitely wait. We were able to take them to the drive in last weekend and it was so much fun. We went through 4 oxygen tanks and hit the parking poll with our van but it was still fun. We haven't done "normal" family things like that in some time.

I have had an easier time going to church. I was so afraid to face the people. It just seemed like the walls were closing in on me and we were the center of attention because we were new and for some reason it completely freaked me out. I have gotten to know some very awesome people and that has made it much easier to attend. The bishopric and the Elders Quorum presidency has been to visit a lot during this new challenging time for us and our most AWESOME relief society president has been wonderful to me as well as our neighbors. We have been blessed with a great support system. I have had a great time catching up with old friends and making some much needed new friends.

Although life has thrown us some new challenges, we have seen many blessing and are very thankful for them.

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I love you! Can we PLEASE get together ASAP??? My cell phone is listed on my facebook page!