Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hernia Repairs

Well we are one day closer to Matt's latest and not-so-greatest surgery.  So far I have not been as worried about this one like I was about the last one.  I couldn't explain it last time, I just knew something was wrong and unfortunately I was right.  I don't feel that way about this surgery but I will say that I am beginning to feel a little bit of a pit in my stomach.  I think it is just pre-surgery jitters which is totally stupid because he's not even nervous!  It's a very good thing he doesn't get nervous because I have enough anxiety for the both of us!  This surgery is to repair a few hernia's that have popped up on his scar from his appendix removal.  It's supposed to be an outpatient procedure but I think the plan is overnight in the hospital again.  Today we got the good news that in the last 3 months since we got the insurance, Matt has almost reached his out of pocket maximum which is 2500 dollars.  We may have already reached our family out of pocket maximum as well!  If we haven't then this surgery will cost 128.00 and then no more 10% for us, just co-pays, yay!  If we have met the out of pocket maximum for the family then it is FREE (to us anyway)!  This is such a blessing because we are drowning in medical debt and it is all making it's way to collections. So that was our little miracle of the day.  Now we can begin to try and dig ourselves out of this mess.

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