Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today was another crazy day for us in the Garff family but tonight things are ok.  It was not a day without trials and tears but it is better than some of the days before.  Claire woke up feeling sick and all of her symptoms pointed straight to appendicitis.  I took her to the hospital after waiting as long as possible to see if by chance the pain would subside.  It didn't so we headed to Tooele hospital where they promptly did all the tests for appendicitis.  They did a CT scan and her appendix looked good but she had a small amount of blood in her urine and so we are supposed to have the urine test repeated in a few days and see if it's a kidney or bladder infection.  I'm not sure why they didn't just treat her for that now because the pain moved to her back near her kidneys but they didn't so we are headed to the doctor later this week.  I was so thankful that she did not have to have surgery.  Heavenly Father was looking out for our family today because I'm just not sure that's something we could have done right now.  Tonight she is feeling a bit better so hopefully by morning she can go to school and all will be well.
This weekend has been a little hard for me emotionally.  I have been aching for home, wherever that may be.  Tonight I went to work in the kids room and washed all their sheets and made their beds and put their names above their beds.  I have decided that instead of praying for a home of our own I will pray that living here with my in-laws will feel more like home.  We are not going to be in a position anytime soon to be on our own so I have to feel like the spaces we have are our own.  I also got some of my scrapbooking stuff out of storage so that I can go to work on our family books. Matt has tomorrow and Tuesday off of work and I am so glad to have the time with him.  Tomorrow we get to go to lunch with my cousin who is in town.  I haven't seen her in more than 15 years and I am very excited to see her.
All in all it was a trying weekend but I handled it better than weekends like it before.  I am hoping that with time it will get easier and easier to adapt.  I don't know why I expected things to be immediately better but it's like Matt says, it took us three years to get into this mess, it's going to take at least that long to rebuild and get better.  I just need to give myself time.

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