Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well today I had my first ever mammogram. NOT FUN! I did find it funny that they put a chocolate on the folded gown! It was even dark chocolate :)
They found only one lump in my right breast which they confirmed with ultrasound. During the ultrasound they also found an abnormal lymph node in my left armpit.
The hospital sent the results to my primary care doctor and told me that I need to see a surgeon. They said that the lump was very small and that we could just leave it and take the lymph node. Then in a while they would do a followup ultrasound and see if it has grown.
I was not too thrilled with leaving the lump alone to get bigger and neither was my primary care doctor. She called this evening after she had seen the scans and said that they did not look good and that both the lump and the lymph node need to be removed as soon as possible. So tomorrow I call the surgeon and get the ball rolling faster.

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