Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Finding Our Niche

We are going on one month of Matt being back at work, and fifteen days of him being full time.  It has been a huge adjustment for our little family.  Matt is doing very well at work and although he is very tired at the end of the day he is plugging along as he always does.  I am very proud of him.  We have been very blessed and he should not be doing as well as he is but Matt is the kind of husband that is very determined to provide for his family.  I know he feels badly sometimes because we cannot buy expensive toys or go out to dinner all of the time but we have what we need.  Even when we haven't had what we needed, the Lord has provided.  My husband is amazing.  I have tried to keep very busy doing daycare.  It has been nice to have my house full of little one's.  With school starting I am going to have a lot more free time on my hands and I am going to need to find a way to fill that free time so that I don't get down.  It's been extremely hard for me to have Matt gone all day.  I went from seeing him all day everyday and sharing every moment with him to talking to him 3 times a day on his breaks and waiting anxiously for his help with the kids at night.  He and I are both ready to have school start again.  I will miss the kids but I will admit that they are driving me up a wall.  We have not had the funds to take them to the zoo or the pool like we have in other years but we are getting back to that point.  I am currently looking into getting licensed for childcare and so that will bring in some extra income.  A friend of mine told me that doing daycare makes her a better mother and I must agree with that, it makes me a better mother as well.  I am constantly picking up the house and cleaning up messes that I normally would leave until the end of the day.  I am doing more activities with the kids and I am up and going more than I ever was before.  I love the kids that I watch and am looking forward to getting more daycare kids.  Life is beginning to take on a routine and that is nice.  I am hoping that nothing knocks us off course because that is usually what happens but for now we are finding a new niche and it's nice.

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