Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hold Your Tongue!

I had an experience over the last few days that has left me rattled and discouraged. My husband and I took our kids on a vacation and we got to see a lot of family members we don't usually see. As we were swimming with the family one of our dearest family members told Matt and I that we need to lose weight. She also told us that when she saw us she "just felt sick"
I am not handling this well. I guess a little background on us will help you to see just why this was so heart wrenching to me.
At the age of 18 I got very sick with a cancer like disease called cushings disease. My poor 160 pound body ballooned up to 360 pounds within a year! It took the doctors so long to find the problem and diagnose it as something more than just obesity. The cause of it all was a tumor beneath my brain surrounding my pituitary gland. I had NO control over my body or my weight gain. At one point I starved myself, praying that the fat would melt away. After the removal of the tumor I lost over 100 pounds and then I got married and started having babies! My poor body has housed 5 living children and is tired. I have lost 46 pounds since the birth of my last child though and it has been hard work! I have been so proud that my skinny jeans are baggy and that I need a new pair! So for her to tell me that the sight of me made her sick was especially devastating. Matt takes these things better than I do. Matt has had a stroke and life for him is very hard. If only she could see past his physical limitations, she would see the amazingly sexy man I married. I guess we all say the wrong things at the wrong times but as a whole we need to just hold our tongues!!

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