Sunday, September 7, 2008

Major Shocker!

So we got the news last Friday that Matt is expected to be starting work on October first in Arizona. This means that he is leaving on the 26th of September to get down there and get settled. This is scarry for us because our house is not under contract and so for now the plan is for the kids and I to stay here in Tooele and wait for the house to sell. Matt is not too excited about going down alone either. We were planning on going as a family and taking this big leap together. All in all we really are taking it together, just staggering it all a bit. We are fasting on Sunday that our house will go under contract soon and that we will be able to close in time for all of us to go together. If not then it will all work out regardless. It is all happening so fast but it will be okay. We are just glad to be going through this together. Both Matt and I agree that if we have to be going through this, we are glad that we are not going through it with anyone else than each other. It is bringing us all closer. While we can tell that the ongoing stress has been so hard on the children, we have high hopes that once we are there and things settle down a bit, they will adjust well. So for those of you that we have not been able to see before now or will not be able to see before we go, we love you and will miss you. Our phone number will be the same so please stay in touch.

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